I, Orlin (formally, Tshitundu Mulumba), started cuckOOclan in 2022 because I wanted to share my weirdness with the world. I want the world to taste a glimpse of the madness that so easily engulfs my being. At first, I thought of going with “theweirdclub,” but that domain name was already taken, so I was left with no other choice but cuckOOclan. I wanted the name to explicitly convey the message that this was a place where weirdos could come and find weird things. A clan of weirdos, built for weirdos by a weirdo.

Initially, I wanted cuckOOclan to be a brand that sells clothing with great sayings, especially ones from the most famous books around. I wanted people to be able to wear life-changing words on their clothing. I wanted them to take it everywhere with them. Reminding them to be great the entire day. However, that proved to be a bit difficult with all the copyright infringements attached to it.

Then I decided to pivot to my strengths and my true interests. I am a big fan of anime, and since I was already drawing anime characters, I thought it would be a no-brainer to just use my drawings as designs on the apparel (disclaimer: I am not claiming to have drawn every artwork on the apparel). That’s how we find ourselves where we are right now.

Eventually, I hope to combine anime with great sayings and other incredibly weird things. I take great pride in hunting for designs and drawing designs so that I can produce visually appealing attire for all my customers. The interests of our customers are always my top priority, so I hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them available to you.


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